10 Best Italian Restaurants In Calgary

Calgary is a place with the best Italian restaurants. No one forgets the dining experience at an Italian restaurant. The traditional and delicious Italian food will melt your heart with a beautiful aroma.

No matter whether you are from Calgary or Italy, Italian food gives you a choice to get fresh vegetables with olive oil. There are a number of top-notch Italian restaurants open in Calgary for the best dining experience. Read more to take a look at the top 10 Italian restaurants in Calgary.

Bonterra trattoria

Bonterra trattoria serves the up-to-mark Italian taste to Calgarians. It is a famous restaurant in Calgary that provide you best Italian food and atmosphere you never find anywhere. It is the best place where you can make your dinner and lunch special, with a comfortable and remarkable atmosphere.

The best thing is that the Bonterra Trattoria also offers you a curbside facility that makes the availability of Italian food for you all time.

Mercato mission restaurant

Mercato Mission is a family-owned restaurant in Calgary that has been operating in the market for more than 15 years. The menu of this restaurant is present in the traditional format of appetizers, heavier meat dishes, risotto and pasta, and fresh vegetables.

Via Cibo

Via Cibo is a trusted name among all Italian restaurants in Calgary that offers you state-of-the-art Italian cuisine at friendly prices. Their speciality is in alfredo pasta and Pomodoro, which fills the taste buds with mouth-watering dishes.

This restaurant has a wide range of premium quality Italian food that gives your dining and brunch the taste you want. The reason why this restaurant is popular in Calgary is that it delivers the most delicious range of Italian dinner menus.

Rea Italian Cucina

Rea Italian cucina is the best example of how much better and more delicious Italian food you can get. Customers at this restaurant are surely delighted by a menu of top-notch dishes and pizza variety. It serves purely made and hygienic Italian cuisine under a single roof. It is the best place to enjoy delicious and affordable Italian food without compromising on quality.

Garden of Italy

Garden of Italy is one of the best names in the top Italian restaurants in Calgary. It is established first by keeping the dining need of Calgarian in mind and offers authentic Italian cuisine. If you want to enjoy quality Italian cuisine with your family, then this restaurant is the top affordable option for you.

La Breeza ristorante

La breeze ristorante is a family-run restaurant that has been operating since 1987. It serves traditional and delicious home-style Italian favourites. This restaurant has been in its original location since it was established. These attributes make the restaurant a relaxing, warm, and homey atmosphere where the staff are familiar with customers. You will surely enjoy a home-cooked Italian meal at this restaurant.


This best restaurant in Calgary serves classic Italian cuisine and keeps your taste delicious and simple. The well-known recipes of this restaurant are pickled green tomatoes, pillowy soft bread, olive oil, egg yolk-filled ravioli, etc., which make this place best for people in Calgary.

Teatro Ristorante

Teatro Ristorante elevates the Italian dining experience among Calgarians. It has been working for 29 years in the food industry and provides a seasonal menu to customers with best-in-class beverages and wines. This restaurant has the most qualified chefs that carry the Italian lunch and best dining experience for you that meets your needs.

Toscana Italian grill

If you are an Italian food lover, you should visit the Toscana Italian grill. The authentic and fresh taste is developed here after huge years of experience while maintaining quality ingredients. This place has become a famous restaurant due to the magic and work of taste served by the qualified chef in delicious food.

Vero Bistro

Vero Bistro is another best Italian restaurant in Calgary that puts a modern twist on classic Italian dishes. The best thing is that all Italian cuisines at this restaurant are made of local and quality ingredients. By bringing Spanish and French influences into the mix, the vero bistro creates the best dining experience for you.


Here are the 10 best Italian restaurants in Calgary where you can enjoy the intense taste of Italian cuisine in Calgary by visiting such best restaurants. The above-mentioned Italian restaurants not only provide the best dinner and lunch items but also provide event management and catering services.